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There is definitely a good reason why staying outdoor in nature would feel so relaxing and good. The fact is it is indeed good for our health on varying levels.

A health study showed that a good number of people who usually spent ample time being exposed to greenspace, such as undeveloped land which has natural vegetation, led to a great reduction in the blood pressure of the diastole’s, the heart rate, diabetes, and a good number of other diseases.

The chances of premature birth also occurring, also reduced in pregnant women, and also the chances of having small-sized babies. There were reports of good health which occurred among those that were exposed to greenspace.

The World Health Organization (WHO), has opined that woods, parks and the likes, usually impact oxygen to the air whilst removing air pollution. They also aid in the moderation of temperature in cities, and they make the environment more enabling so that people can exercise safely, and also foster better social interaction.

In addition to this, spending more time in Greenspace (nature), also helps to improve the mental health, as it reduces the imbalances in health, and improves well-being. Some research has also shown that physical activity which is undergone in a natural environment, also aids in easing depression.

Now, another health effect of nature is, spending ample time in nature, has been seen to improve sleep, and boost the immune system to function better. This is most likely the reason why gardeners tend to live longer than regular individuals, because they spend more time in nature.

Exposure to nature improves our health with the integration of Vitamin D which produces sunlight. The nutrient produced, is essential for all health aspects of our body.

Furthermore, if you want to spend more time in nature, you can turn it to a form of exercise, by undergoing activities such as swimming, cycling, rock climbing and the likes. Since we are all aware of the benefits inherent in exercising, we can be sure that there are additional benefits when they are done in nature.

Nature is also filled with fresh air, which is good for the internal organs of the body.

Conclusively, for a longer and healthy lifestyle, spending time in nature has an integral role to play.

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