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connectedConnectedness is not defined in one way alone. Being connected is a multifaceted state of being that is made up of many elements. It describes someone who maintains meaningful connections, and it also describes the state of connectivity between all elements of life. Connectivity can be spiritual or practical, but it is always essential to the design of our universe in more ways than one.

Human connections, as well as connections with animals and nature, are the personal ones that people are familiar with. Forming connections is very important to people and we spend a great deal of energy pursuing and building them. Connections form our relationships, which offer us comfort, happiness, security and peace. The connections we form have a profound influence on the trajectory of our lives, as well as how we see ourselves and how we interact with the world.

Connectivity also refers to the way all elements of life interact with one another. Some people are aware of these interactions and others are not, but they are indeed real and valid. An example of how things are interconnected would be as follows: humans affect climate change, rising temperatures cause the destruction of forests through fire, the destruction of forests increase cases of depression within people and people become less effective in general due to depression. Connectivity is the symbiosis that occurs between all elements of life, great and small, physical and metaphysical, natural and supernatural.

Connections facilitate life force at every level, from a cellular one to a global one. Connections are essentially life giving because they represent relationship and recognition between two interacting things. However, this does not mean that a connection cannot be negative. The connection that a significant other has with an abusive partner is neither healthy nor life giving. Some connections are better of severed. But this does not mean that connections should not be made.

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