The Value of Every Life

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life valueOne part of appreciating the world around you in all its glory is appreciating the people within it. It is human nature to put ourselves at the center of the universe in importance and the put the importance of others after ourselves. However, it has been revealed that this is not a healthy way of living. We are, in fact, much more in tune with the natural order of things when we remain aware of the value of each soul. Properly valuing every person, animal and other natural body makes us wiser and more aware of the world around us, as well as giving us a healthy, symbiotic relationship with all life forms.

The need for people to respect other people is profound. Humans are the most intelligent species on the planet, and therefore the ones with the most free will. Recognizing in one another the potential for greatness, as well as the inherent complexity and genius, that lies within each person is necessary to a proper understanding of others. It is incorrect to assume that because someone has different abilities, they are lesser or greater than another. We are all equipped with unique, meaningful talents and levels of awareness. No two people are meant to serve an identical function. Grasping this is very important to an appreciation of every human life.

People are not the only life forms that warrant respect and appreciation. Animals, plants and arguably, other elements of nature all deserve certain levels of respect. Studies on animals have revealed that they are confirmed to have certain levels of consciousness, meaning that whatever metaphysical stuff we are made of, animals are made of similar metaphysical stuff. This means they deserve the same respect and protection as life forms that people do. Plants, bugs and other organisms that are limited in cell count are not conscious the way humans and animals are, yet they still lead lives of value, contributing immensely to the ecosystem and biosphere. This means they also deserve respect and room to flourish freely.

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