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unique individualsTo adage “there is only one you” is commonly seen in hallmark cards and heard in unoriginal conversations, but this simple saying actually expresses a profound truth. There are hundreds to thousands of components that go into making a person who they are. With this range of possibilities, there is an infinite number of people who can exist and still never exactly resemble another person. Not two people will live identically, think identically or contribute identically as long as humanity exists. This means what you seek to keep for yourself and what you seek to contribute to the world are completely unique to you.

What you seek to keep for yourself is related to your own personal happiness. The inner life that a person leads needs to be nourished and cared for. A person needs to achieve some level of comfort, security, provision and happiness to feel balanced and peaceful. Half of everything we do in life feeds these needs. No two people go about meeting these needs in quite the same way.

What a person seeks to contribute to the world is related to their altruistic nature. The ways that they want to give back, use their talents and skills to be of use and make a positive difference in the world are the ways they want to contribute to something bigger than them. Again, this is an endeavor that is purely individualistic and does not resemble anyone else’s contributions to the world.

A person’s inherent purpose is something that satisfies both pursuits; the pursuit to please the self and the pursuit to contribute to the world. It is possible for every person to discover something that gives them immense personal satisfaction while also contributing to a necessary communal cause. It is every person’s journey to discover what that vocation is and pursue it.

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