The Grand Design

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grand designMost people are keen on acknowledging that there is a grand design to the natural and supernatural world. The origin of the grand design is debatable, but the recognition of the design is universal. The elements of the universe, the ecosystem of our biosphere and the spiritual life force that exist here are all part of it. Acknowledging the connections between all elements of life and seeing how they fit together is part of grasping the true nature of our reality. It is impossible to see our world clearly and not accept that everything affects everything else. Those who appreciate the connections between life’s various elements have insight into the true nature of things.

Though all things are interconnected, the natural world and the supernatural world have different natures. The natural world is governed by natural processes, which have laws, or at least traditions if not laws. Natural processes as we know them are largely predictable. All organisms require sustenance, and all natural elements interact with one another and affect one another. Everything physical that takes place is governed by natural laws.

The supernatural, on the other hand, is far more unpredictable. The supernatural is made up of consciousness, metaphysical energies and entities, and soulfulness. These things are much less quantifiable than natural elements. They are less predictable, less easily measured and harder to obtain data on. In fact, some people believe they are imaginary rather than grounded in reality.

When you put these two realities together, you have the clearest picture possible of reality. Reality is the interaction between the physical and metaphysical world. This is the grand design that composes all elements of life as we understand it. We cannot understand reality from the vantage point of a dog or a tree, but we can understand reality as determined by the human condition, and that reality observes ourselves as intelligent, observant beings interacting with each other and with all of nature in accordance with our free will. The design of reality becomes apparent in the interactions between these elements.

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