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Looking at nature in a broader sense, it can be defined as the physical, natural, material world, or the universe. Nature also refers to the physical world, and also life generally. The study and inquiry into nature is very broad, and it can be said to be an important aspect of science. Even the existence of humans is part of nature, the activity of humans is most times understood as a distinct category from other aspects of nature.

Looking at the difference uses of nature today, it could refer to wildlife and geology. It can also refer to the conventional realm where plants and animals live. Also, it could infer the processes which are linked with inanimate objects.

Also, nature could also mean the way whereby certain categories of things exist, and change by their own will, this refers to the geology and weather of the Earth. It could also mean the natural environment that have not been affected by the intervention of humans.

Now, it should be known that some manufactured objects should not be regarded as a part of nature. However, the process behind their creation still boils down to nature. Hence, it can be said that all of our activities are either directly or indirectly affected by nature.

Looking at the fact that humans are only a minute aspect of the grand living biomass on Earth, the effect which humans have on nature, is very large, due to the influence of humans, the already set boundaries which are between what humans refer to as nature, and artificial environments, is no longer clearly differentiated except when it gets to the extreme.

In addition to this, even at the extremes, the volume of natural environment which is devoid of the influence of humans, is decreasing at a very fast rate.

The influence of technology has also had an effect on nature, and it has assisted the human race in exploiting nature to a point where the constituents of nature have been exposed to greater risk than normal. As expected, no one wants to stop learning, hence, each time, there are inquiries into some yet-to-be understood aspects of nature.

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